Today is Thanksgiving Day!  The day where you gather with your friends and family, and in the spirit of the season you sit down together to watch “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.”  Just kidding…

I always love Thanksgiving.  When I was a kid our whole extended family would gather together at my grandparents house…no kidding there were like 25-30 of us in by grandparents very average sized house.  The kids would run through the woods and play, the men would go hunting, everyone would eat way more than they should, and then the Dallas Cowboys would take main stage and we’d all gather around to watch them beat everyone they played…well almost.

Now that I’m married, my wife and I spend Thanksgiving with her family and have done so consistently since we were just dating.  I am truly thankful for all my family and friends, and all the years I’ve been able to enjoy this wonderful holiday.  I love my new Thanksgiving tradition and family we get to see every year during this time, but I still long for the days when I was a kid in the back yard pretending to be Troy Aikman or Jason Garrett and throwing the football.  Today I’ll still be pretending to be Troy Aikman and Jason Garrett by adding my own color commentary and coaching from the couch as we watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the Miami Dolphins.  As confident as I am that they will win, I seem to remember a time when this didn’t go so well…

More on the Cowboys later.  For now, here’s hoping you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day memory?